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Our Story

Strategic Questions + Innovative Answers

Our company is built on two fundamental practices:
Asking powerful questions + Crafting custom solutions.

Most of our clients have a unique problem that needs a clear solution. Our strength is coming alongside to coach them through the process of discovery—finding the perfect process, platform or technology to take their business to the next level.

We have over 30 years of experience implementing innovative solutions & celebrating the success that follows.

Our work has ranged from Custom App Development, Network Security, SEO, Web Development, and a wide variety of Marketing & Communications work—each project is a custom solution specifically designed to help our client achieve their goals.

Back in 1994 when people were asking (“What is the Internet, Anyway?” Today Show) We began developing database apps that utilized the internet & began building websites.


custom-data-solutions-memphis-logo-blue croppedCustom Data Solutions (CDS-llc) originated as a software development & technology consulting business. CDS grew to over 70 employees, adding three divisions: network support, network security & staffing. In 2003 these divisions were sold to focus on web design / internet marketing.
deluge-studios-logoDeluge Studios was known for being the best in the area with clients as far as Hong Kong & Australia. Our work was featured in books & “Best Of” sites. Deluge was sold to Simple Focus in 2014 to become part of a growing & diverse team.


Notable Clients


Client Stories


Within a few weeks CDS Digital Marketing was able to get my site to the top of the Google Search Results. Also, offering strategic business advice to see double digit growth every year.

- Don B

Business Owner


He’s one of the few people I know who have both the left and right halves of their brain working at full tilt.

- Matt P

Creative Director


Jeff is a humble leader, a strategic thinker and hands-down the best listener I know.

- Joshua M

Creative Strategist

Jeff is the most honest, hard working person that I know and has been more than just an incredible coach but also a great friend and business mentor to not just me but many students & other business owners. We wouldn’t have been as successful without his Web, SEO & Business expertise from the start back in 2003.

- David Ferguson

Memphis Judo & Jiu-Jitsu



 AT&T Award - We received the vendor of the year award 3 years in a row.
Our team was first to patent phone & gift card packaging systems. Overnight this became the best selling product in Walmart & Sams history.  Due to our creative way of activating cards at point of sale - before this the cards were live & often stolen. We were the first in the industry to develop zero defect production tracking on millions of serialized cards per order. We pioneered the custom engineering & scanning on high speed automation production lines. We quickly bult custom ERP applications to successfully integrate with AT&T fulfilment systems (as well as many others like Amex, Barnes & Noble, OfficeMax, Exxon, WorldCom, etc..)


Qwest Communications Award - We were the industry's first to develop pick & pack fulfilment software w/integration to Qwest's complex system & ran jobs while it was still being developed. Qwest was 4th largest Telecom Co.

Successfully Built Entire Production & Logistics Fulfilment process (scope increased after successfully completing the initial two week job).

Qwest then hired us as industry experts to plan & develop other modules. Their goal to create a system for phone/gift cards swiped anywhere in the world to connect through banking systems into telecom platforms.
BOSS POSA (Back Office Support System, Point of Sale Activation)